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We absolutely wanted to intervene in Guadeloupe on the issues of:


  • land sharing

  • farm sharing,

  • conflicts between heirs and inheritance issues.

  • blocking situation

  • joint possession

These situations can be difficult to manage and we wanted to put our resources at your disposal to resolve your difficulties.


CRIQUET AVOCAT has an office in Paris and an office in Guadeloupe which gives us a real capacity to follow up your case. Wherever you are, we are at your disposal and work hand in hand with the notaries in Guadeloupe.


  • An inheritance can be the source of many and various tensions between heirs.


  • In the context of sharing a farm, some heirs want the business to continue, other heirs prefer to sell. These divergent opinions can lead to a deadlock.



We try to find effective solutions adapted to each situation.

Our team is present when our clients:
- wish to receive advice on inheritance matters;

- want to find common ground with their heirs;

- need to be defended in the event of judicial partition proceedings ...





Entrepreneurs , we continue to support you!


We support you in all stages of the life of your business, whether it be the creation, development, social life, commercial activity, transformation or even the closure of your company .

We provide you with our in-depth know-how in this area in order to meet your needs and thus provide you with the appropriate legal advice and the assistance necessary at each stage of your company's journey.

Count on us, on our vigilance, our constant desire to anticipate different situations and also our strong ability to resolve the various difficulties you may be facing.

We would be very happy to put our expertise to work for you.

We support Individuals in all their daily problems, do not hesitate to contact us !

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